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Download Game Super Car Wash

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Now you can really know what it’s like to own a car by giving it a good car wash and makeover!

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Here you will be able to choose your design of pink car, scrub the dirt and sticky residue from the exterior, and place the rubbish in the bin before arranging your cleaning products on the shelves behind your car. Once you have cleaned your car you can then wash, rinse, and dry your car ready for its grand makeover!

If you love cars then you will just love the Super Car Wash game!

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Features of Game Super Car Wash

 - CHOOSE your very own pink car ready for its wash and makeover! 

 - ARRANGE your cleaning materials up onto the shelf behind your vehicle for a tidy look! 

 - PLACE the rubbish in the bin and scrub the sticky mess off your car!

 - POLISH the exterior of your car to give it a nice and new shiny look and appearance! 

 - WASH and rinse your car off to remove any dirt and dust so it is nice and shiny!

 - ACCESSORIZE with its lights, wheel design, and exterior patterns to make it unique to its owner!

 - DRY your car off before jacking it up and replacing the flat tire ready for driving!

 - REPLACE the engine under the hood before changing your cars color to make it suit your personal taste!

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