Stupid Zombies

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Download Game Stupid Zombies

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Stupid Zombies is an arcade game along the lines of 'Angry Birds' in which you substitute the birds with a shotgun that you use to shoot all of the zombies on each level.

One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.

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Those stupid zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive the 720 levels.

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You will have hundreds of different levels to put your skills to the test and where you will make bullets bounce off of dozens of different surfaces. In addition, you can use explosive barrels and other elements that make it so that your bullets can do away with lots of zombies at once.

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Stupid Zombies has simple, fun and addictive mechanics that are ideal for short games. It doesn't have the best graphics in Google Play, but it doesn't really need them, either. 

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