Bike Racing Show: Stunt & Drag

Download Game Bike Racing Show: Stunt & Drag Free

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Download Game Bike Racing Show: Stunt & Drag

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So what are you waiting for? Join wild boars gang and show-off your motorcycle driving skills: perform cool flips and stunts, ride in a death loop, jump through the burning ring of fire and reach the speed of a lighting!

Hop on your kickass steel horse, start the engine, heat up wheels and drive to win this challenging motorsport race! 

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EASY TO PLAY: This extreme motorsport race game is dedicated for families, but can be easily played by kids too! The game has big buttons, as well as easy and simple game controls: tap GO button to drive forward and ARROWS to balance your kickass motorcycle!

COOL RACING WORLDS: Race in 2 exciting motorbike racing worlds: Thunder Wheels and Motorheads and enjoy 12 levels on each world!

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RIDE TO WIN: Vroom-vroom! Are you ready for this extreme motorsport race? If yes, then start the engine, get the wheels spinning and show-off your motorbike driving skills: race like a lighting, do a wheelie, perform cool stunts, frontflips and backflips, ride in a death loop and jump through a burning ring of fire!

WILD WHEELS: Join wild boars gang and choose kickass motorcycle driven by a cool biker: Casey, Jeff, Laura or Jordon.

EXCITING LEVELS: Hop on your steel horse and prepare for challenging motorsport race! Ride on a tricky terrain and moving constructions, jump over huge canyons, swim across deep lakes, overcome steep hills and falling bridges! Watch out for exploding bombs and barrels, avoid crushers and other massive obstacles!

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EDUCATIONAL VALUE: This extreme motorbike racing game stimulates player’s reaction, self-control and fine motor skills. It also develops flexible thinking, quick decision making and problem solving skills.

ENTERTAINING GAME: Enjoy dynamic and interactive gameplay, challenging motorsport race, kickass bikes, cool bikers, colorful graphics and animations, physics-based motorbike driving experience, realistic voice-overs, great sound effects and wild rock-style music!